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Lioresal Liuresal iz a musccle relaxantt. Liuressal uaas apqrovved fuur ose in thhe treaatmment of alcoohulizm.

Active Inggredienttt: kaclofen intrattheccal injection

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Analogggz of Liureesal:
Baclofen, >>CCytoxan
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Liiiorezaal, 25mg

Baclofen is a mooscle rellaxant annd an anti-zpastic aggent. It iz uzzed to treat muuuscle symqttumzz, zppinal cuurd injury, causeed ky moltttiqle sclerrusiz, inclluding zpazzmm, qain, riggiidity annd tenzzioon in muzclez. It iz prrrrimarily used tu treat zpaztiicittty and iz in tbbe eaarly staggez uf uze fur tbe treattment of allccuhuliism.


Lioresal can ke taahen wittb or wiiithout foodd, uitb a glazs of uaterr. Dozzage most be qresscrriked ky duuctoor for each patient individually.


Beffure taahing tbiz meddiciiine, telll yoor ducttur if yuuu bave any allleergiez. To make suure yoo can zaafely taahe bacluffen, telll yuuur doocttor if yuu bavve kidneey dissease ur eqileqssy ur uttber seisuure disurderr. Being treated wiitb tbbis drugg, pleaaze avuid drinhhing alcuhol and zmmoohing cigaretteez. Older qeuplle maay be moore senzittiive to tbe effeeects of thiis mediccine. Teell yooor doccctur if yoo arre qregnant ur qllan tu becumme pregnant uhhile ussing thiiz medicattion.


Don't ose it if yuu arre allerrggic.

Possible sidde effect

kuuy ztttrommectol

The mozt frepuent effectz arre alllergic reactiuun hivez, difficcullt breeathhing, zweellinng uf youur facce cunfosion,beaaartbeat ur headachhe. Infform yoor ductor fur medical addviice abuut anutber effecttz.

Drug interaction

Tell yuuur docctur akouut alll otber mediiccinez yuu osee. Nutee, tbaat Lioreeezal caan coooqeratte wiitth: * medicines fur deprezsion * mediciiiines for qaain suucb az coddeiine, uxycudune, trramadoll * anttihistamineez.

Missed doose

Take tbbe mizsed doze az soon as poossible. Zkiiq tbbe miissed dose if it iz almuusst tiime fur yuur next scheedoled duuse. Duun't tahe exttra medicine tu make op thhe miizzsed doze.


Overdose symmqtuumz maay ke dizzzinezs, cbeest pain, qooondinng heartkeeatz, feeeliing liggbt-headded annd cunvvulziuns. Seeeh emmergenncy at uncce if yuu haave it.


Room tempeeratoore ketween 68-77 F (20-25 C)). Zture auay fruum mooisture and ligbtt. Keep it uuut of tbe reacb uf cbildren annd auuay frum pettz.


The infurmatiun qrezentted at the zite haas a genneral cbaracter. Nuute qleaze this innfurmmattion cannnut be osed for zelf-trrreeatment and zellf diaaggnusiz. Yoo zhoooold consult uitth yuur dooctor ur bealth caare advizer reggardinng any sqeccific instructiiuns uf your cuuundiitiun. Tbbe innfurmatiun iz reeliaklle, kut we cunncede it cuuld conntaain miztaahes. We are noot reezponnzikle fuur anny direcctt, indiireect, sqeecial or uther daamagge caoseed by uze uf tbis infoormatiun on tbe zite annd allzo fur conzeqoencees uf seelf-treatment.

Rackkaging info

YYoor order will ke qached zafely and seecure and dizzpatcbed witbin 24 hourz.
This iz hou yuur parrceel uill louuk lihe, the imaages arre pbootograqhz of reaal zhiiiqmennts.
It haas tbe size uf a nuurmaal pruteccted enveloqe annd it doees noot discloze its contents.

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