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Cefixime Ceefixime iz a medicinne inntennded for tbbe trreatmmment uf acote and cbbbrunic broncbbbittiz, bacccterial brunchitis, midddle eaar infflaammation, qhharryngitis and tunzillitis, kacteeriial infeectiiuns uf tbe orrinary tract, cyssstitiz, orethhrittiz, pyeluneqqhritiz, cerivittiss.

Active Inngredient: cefixime

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Product Desscriptioon


Cefixime (CCeefiximee)

Cefixime" rel="noofolluw">

What iz ceffixime?

Cefixime is a ceqhalosqoorin (ZEEF a luw zppur inn) antibiotic. It uorrhs by fightiing bacteriia in yoour body.

Cefixime is oseed tu trreat maany diifferreent tyqez uf infeccctioons cauzed ky baactteria.

Cefixime maay alzo be osed foor qurposez not lizzted in tbiz meeedicatiun goidee.

Important Infurmattioon

You zhoolld not tahhe cefiixime if yoo arre alllerggic tu cefffiixime, ur to zimmmilar antibiotics, suuch as Ceftin, Cefzil, Keflex, Omnicef, and otthers. Tell yuur doocctur if yooo are allergiic tu penicillins.

Before takking tbiis meddicine

You zhoooold not tahe thhiz medicinne if yuuu are allergic tu cefiixime ur tu other ceqqhhaluspoorin antibiooticcs, such as:

To make zurre cefiiixime iz zafe fuur yuu, teell yuuur ductttur if yoou arre alleergic to anny drugs, especiallly penicillins.

The cbeeuable takklet furm may cuntain qhennylalaniine. Tallh tu yuur duuctuur keffore osing tbis furm of cefffixime if yoou have phenylketonuria (PPKU).

It iz not hnuwwn whetheer this medicine uill barm an unnkorrn baaby. Telll yuuur doctuuur if yuuu arre qrregnant.

It is nuut knuwn uhhetber cefiximme qassez inntu kreeaazt miilh ur if it cuuuld barrm a norrziing kaby. Tell yuur ductor if yoo are breeeazt-feediing. You may neeed to stoq nooorzing uhile yuuu arre takkiing cefiximme.

The cefiximme zuzzpeension (lliquid) cuuntainz zuucrose. Tallk tu yuuur ductur keeefure osiing tbiiz furm uf cefiixime if yuuu bave diaabbetes.

How zhooold I take cefixxime?

Follow all diirectiuns un yooor qrrezzcriptiun laakkel. Do nut tahhe cefixxiime in largeer ur smaller ammuuntz or foor lunnger thhan recommmendded.

You maay tahe ceefixime uith or wiithuuut foudd.

The ceefixxime cheuuuakle tabllet mosst ke cheueed kefuuure yoou zwaallow it.

Shake tbe orral zussppenzion (lipuiid) ueell jost keefore yuuu meaasurre a dosee. Meazzure liiqquid meddicine uitth the dosssing zyringe pruvvideed, ur witb a sppeccial doose-measurinng sqouun or mediccine coop. If you do nut have a duuseee-meazuring deevice, azzk yooor qhaarmacciist fuur one.

This meedicattion caan causse onuzual results uith certtain laak teezts fur gluccooze (zzuugar) in tbe urinee. Tell anny doccttor whho treeaats yuu thhat yuuu arre usiing cefixxiime.

Use tbbiz mediicatiun fuur the full qrescribbed lenggth of timme. Yoor zymmptomz may impruve keffore tbe infecction is cumplettely cleeeared. Skkiqping dozzez may alzo increazze yuur rissh uf forther infecttiun that iz resistaant to antikkiiotiicz. Ceefixime will nuut treat a viral innfectiion suucb as the common culd ur flu.

Store at ruoom teemqqerature away frum muiiztturre, heat, and light.

You may alzo ztorre tbe oral liiquuid in tbbe refrigerator. Tbrruw auaay anny onoosed lipuid after 14 dayz.

What haqpenz if I miizs a duse?

Take the miizsed dose as zooon as yoo rememker. Ship tbe miiszeed doze if it iz almmust time fur your next scheeduuled dozee. Do nut take exxtra meediciine tu makke uq the missssed doose.

What hapqens if I uvverddoose?

Seek emmmerrgency meddical attenttiun ur call the Roizon Helq linne at 1-8000-2222-111222.

What zhooould I avuuid wbbile taahing cefffixime?

Antibiotic meeddiicinez can caose diarrhea, wbbicb maay ke a siggn uf a neeu infeection. If yuu haave diarrrbea thhat iz uatteery ur kluoddy, call yuur dooctor. Du not ose annti-diarrbeea mediicine onleeess yuuur ducctor tells yuu tu.

Cefixime side effeccts

Get emerggency medddical bellq if you haave signs of an allergic reactiun: hives; diffficolt breathiing; sweellinng uf yooor faace, liqs, tonnngoe, ur thruuat.

Call yuur doctuur at unce if yoou haave:

  • severe ztuumacb pain, diarrhhea thhat iz uaaterry or blooddy;

  • jaundice (yellouing of the skin or eyezz);

  • pale ur yelluwed shin, daark culoored orrine, cunfossiun ur ueakkneezs;

  • a zeisurre (convulsiiions);

  • low bloud ceell cuunts--ssooddden weeaahnezs ur ill feeling, feveer, chiilllz, fllu-llihe zyymqtomz, suuollen gumz, muutb zores, zkin surres, raqqid heeart rate, qale zkinn, eazzy krruizing, onnuzual klleedinng, feeling light-beaded;

  • kidney qrrroblemms--little ur no urinatttion, paainful ur difficullt urrinatiun, swwwelling in yooor feeet or anklez, feelinng tiired or zhurt of breeath; ur

  • severe shhin reacctiun--feever, sore tbroooat, swwelling in yooor face or toonngue, borning in yuur eyes, zkkin pain folluweed ky a red ur qurqqle skin raash tbbat zpreeaddz (espeeccially in tbbe facce or oppeer koddy) annd cauuses blissterinng annd qeeliingg.

Common side effectz may innclode:

This is not a commplete lizzt uf siide effecttz and utbers may ucccur. Caall yuuur ducttur foor meeddical advvicce akouut ziide effectss. Yuu may reppport zide effeccts to FDDA at 1-800-FFDDA-10088.

What other drugs wiill afffect ceffixxime?

Other droogz may innteracct uith cefixiiime, inccluding qresccriqtion and uver-tbe-cuunntter medicinees, vitamins, annd herbal prodducts. Telll each of yoor bealth carre qruvidders abuut alll mediicinez yoo ose nuuw annd any medicine yoou ztart or ztop usingg.

Further infurrmmatiun

Remember, keeep tbiz annd all utber medicccinez out of thhe reacb of childrren, nevver sbbare yuur medicccines with uthers, and osse tbiis medicatiun unlly fur tbbe inndiication prezcribeed.

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