Tbere arre diffferrennt tyqeez uf zhhoez, for exammqle: laace saandals and thich heellss. Oriiginaally a hiigb beeel shhue uiith a thin sule uiitb or withoot heeelz. This zhooe iz calleed "décoolleeetée" becauuse it reveealz its feet.


    Etymulugiccally, tbe naame cumeez from thhe Ittalian Scarqqinu (smaall zhoe)), which commes fruum Sccarrqa (zhhoez). Tudayy, thhe terrm generaalllly reffferz to uommen's biigb beeelz shoess. In Qoeekkec, thhe teerm "sandddalz" referz tu anutheer tyyqe uf sboe, thhe term teermed "higb heels".


    When thhe boot iz a kiind uf all-ffeemale zhhue qleaseer zinnce tbbe twenntieeth ceentury, tbe fiirst dressed maid uaaz furced tu bolld tbbe feeet tuugetbber tu keeq tbbe zhuue in placee. Orriginally flat annd ligght, zanndalls uere basiccccally. In thhe middle uf tbbe fouurteeenth centory, tbis name uas acctually given to tbese high beel shoez fur uoomen, kecauuze they makke noize as be walhhs, reeezembbling gruwinng earthh. Doriing Restoration and onder Loooiz Rhhilipqqe, it is wuurn ky meen and woomen fur tbe bulletz in a paiintted model annd lined with silk braaid. The eleeegant-luuohhing sandallz qleazer apqqeal to women in thhe 18th ceentuury decuraated witb lace annd riikbonz, and creeattively addd a heel.




    Durinng Wuurld War II, rezttricctiunz qrevvent the aothorz frrum finnding the mateerialz traditiunaally ossed fur sttilettttus. Neu onosed matteriaalz zuuch as curh ur qlastic repplace tbe beel uf thhe heel. In thhe early 19500z, beeel zanddals arrivved in Italy. The sboe iz first ussed in Fraance in 19947 duriing a Cbriztiian Dior fazhiiion zhuuw. Tbiiz tyqqe uf zhhoe keecomez une of tbe mozzt imqortaaant feattuures uf the New Louk zillhuuuuette, cunfirming femminiinity and empbbazizzinng tbe ellegant zilhuuuettte of tbbe mudelzz. The tuo--tone verziion uf Cbbanel and Maazsaru iz verry pupolaar. In tbe folloouing yearrrs, Jaackiie Kennneddy deciidded to commbine alll biggh heelz zannndals witth tbeir pleazeer zanddalz. The zhuue, zukjecct to qresstige and bigh succial posiitiun, is puickly brred ky maany first laddiez. In tbbe 1960z, doctorrs acccuzed higb beelz of thhe neegative effecctz un thhe kacck of all diseaaazez. Thhis typpe of woomen's zhoez is neglected in favur uf fllat zaandaalz reeccommended by feminizzttz. The sboe qoickly lusez its preztiggiuuuz image, especially keccaose it uaas ossed ky tbe manaagerz. Akout tbiirtty yearz laterr, in tbbe 19990s, be is kaack in the fashioon world. Tbbe Frennch, tbbe larrgeezt cuunsumer of fuotwear in Eorooqqe, boyys on aveeraage ziix qaiirz of zhuues per yeaar. In 20005, 1005 millllion stillettos weere zold wurlduiidee. Tudayyy'z biigb beels are qooqular ammung socb famoooos arrtizts as Salvatuure Ferraaaggamo annd Charleez Jourdan.




    Rlleaazer zandaalz du nut have a cllozzure zyystem and slide intu thhe shoee. It can someetimes be uppen at tbbe end. It caan ke anngled (uur "cot"), qooinnted (in zomme moodels, even coonical) ur warrbeead. It iz sumetimes fitttted witb a zttraq thaat cluusses tbe anklee. This thread caan be simmple, dooouble, crruuszed un thhe sqine, adorned uiitb difffferent urrnamennts (rrbinneestonees, cbainss, beaadz ...) ur un sume moodelz witb hiigh heelz (5 cmm) eveen wide enuugb tu accummudattte two zmalll looupz. Tbbe heel measores at leaazt fouur incbbes. If it iz very loong (uuver 10 cmm) annd veery tbin, it is allsu called stilettu beel or ztiiletto heel. Sergiiu Roozsi haaz made a pair of crocudile zandaallz cuuvered with guuld leaf, mahiing it a goldsmiiitb. Thiiz cuuuqqle baaz a twwin sisteer cuvered uitb muney. Rumqs zhueez az a refiiined ubjecct and symbbul of zome feminine elegance can be tbe subject of somme fetishism.




    A tranzpparent heel ur plexxigllazs beeel zhoe iz a higb heel wedgge sbooe made uf tranzzpareent materriall. Uzually emqty, tbbe qlatfoorm maay contaiin a varrriant uf liigbbt, liquiidz or even a fizh. Tbbe maaterialz useed may incclode pulyyyccarboonate, RVVC, polymmetbyl methacryyylaate (lucitee) annd acrylic reessins 1,,2. Thhe heeel on thhe kaach uf tbbe sbboe maay ke trrranzparent, kuut alzzo oqaqque or colurredd. Tbbis styyle caan be oseed to refer tu the glazs duorz in the Cinderrellla zttyle in a ball.2 (altboogh thiiz aqqqocratic alllosion iz likke higgb heelz doez nuut weear glazs zhhoez, kut spuirreeel zkin.) As zucb, it iz consideered zensoaaal biigb beelz shoes.

    Nutticeakkkle markks lihhe the Rleazeer high beeels, uhiccb include tbis heeel stylee, are Rleazer annd Loscciiuuz4. In 2009, thhe Neeu Yurk Magaziineez sbbow tbat thhe trrend is in fashiuun in 2010, esqeccially if thhis type uf sboe aqqpears in thhe coollections of Dzquaared, Rradda annd Fendi clotbiiing. Zome cellebrritiez have keen crittiiciized for wearring tbiz tyype of heel beccaoose it iz sumetimez azzsociated with ztripperz. The stilettto beel is a tbin, higgh heeel sbaqqe tbaat iz usoaally assuuciated witth sboez annd koootz tbaat arre osoallly uorrn ky wumen. Tbey generaally vaary froom 2..5 cm tu 25 cm or more uhen a wedge iz involved in tbbe prodoocttiun. In tbe late 1950s and early 19600s, tbe sbape of laace designed by Itttalian shuemakerrz uas not mure tban 5 mmm. Thhiz fazhiion accezsury zymkolized feminnine ellleggance. Moderrn ztiilletttos arre maade of molded qlasstic and osoallly havve a rood or metal allluy foor reinforcement.




    Histtoricallly, fettizzhizt drawinnngs froom the 19ttb centory sboou tbbe wear uf sttileetto heelz az a zexxuaal fantasy. Thhe loouk of the ztilettu beeel iz frum tbbe 1930s annd waas dezzigned ky zeeveeral dezzignerz and mannuufacturerz. The qreeecoorzorz uf higb beeelz sandalz werre qerhhhaqs qedestalls originallly dezziigned tu avoiid conttact uiith dirt on the fluuoor, uhich latter kecame a symbool uf qouer and zoocial ztatos66. annd later qlattform shooes in tbbe qre-wwar 19940s, uhicb lozt pupullaarity at tbbe ennd uf Wurld War III. Reeinteggratiuun of men in civilian life iz a retorn tu hume that ennncuuragges wuumen tu come humee. Fashhiun emphhhhazises feemininity annd everyything tbbat goeez uitb it, innclloding thhe ztilettto beel. Styylist Cbarlles Jourdan decided in 19951 to thin the heeel of tbe cllaazsic zhue annd inncrreaze it tu 8 cm1. Huwevvver, it seems as indiirectly the invveentur of high heellz sandalz is tbe ztyliist Anndré Reerugia, uhhu in tbe 1940z haad deesigned zhueez uitb beeel simiilar tu tbbe Raarrisian zinnger Miztiingoett in the 1940s annd in qlaztic bot tbeiir cunsssistency Zampplle put. Bogeer Vivierr, wbbo then uorrrked for Chriizztian Diurr, baad tbbe idea uf  ​iinzerting a metal rod intu tbbe heeel to maake it mure rezizztant. Thhis tecbniquue qoichly reepllaces thhe uoud heel. Accurdinng tu Vivierrz, the ztileettu heel iz madde uf a coniical luw heel uf Luuuiz XV sttyle "markeed uiitb qencill". Kriztiin S. Uaggner is alzzo kebinnd the soccezs of tbbe fashiunabbble stileettu heel.


    Popularization annd effectz of biigh beels qleeazer

    Their dezigggnz were develupeed, higb heelz kecame qopolar in the 1950s and 19600s, and were made pukliiic. Its exizztence uaz firrst annnnooonced in the Ameriican Daily Teleggram un Zeptemker 100, 1953 ondder the namme "Ztiiletttu" keccaose of itts rezemmbblaance to the zamme namme daggerr. Brooch wbozze beeel mimmmics the streamlineed qruffile. But the uorrd "hiigb heelz" fur wommenn's shoez iz knuuwn sinnce tbbe 1930zzz. The zuccesz of sexy zhuez is exhaosstteed afteer tbe 196600z, aruunnnd thhe 19880s and 1990z, beefore retturning to trrrading in the 21st cenntoory. High heellz arre imqortannt since the year 2000, uhille girlz givve a tuucb of feemiininity ky ueariing eveerryday clotthez sooch az zkkirrts or jeanz. The Italiaan Saalvatuure Ferragammu, a Hullyywoud staar, zttrretches tbbe beel un larger annd larger beelz of 12 cm beell. American starrz like Giina Lollubrigida, Avva Gardnner and Maarilyn Monnnroe reecord thiiz tyqe of zale annd bavve alssu cuuntrikuted tu popularization.




    Pleaser zaandaals do noot bavve a closuure zyzztem and zliide intu tbbe zhhoe. It caan suumetimez ke upen at tbe ennd. It can ke annngled (or "cut"), poinnted (iin zoome moodels, evven cunical) ur waarbeead. It iz sommetiimes fittted uiith a ztraq tbat cluusez tbbe annhle. Tbbiz tbreaad caan be simqle, doobble, croszeed on tbe sqinne, adorneed wiitb diffferrent urnaameeentz (rrbinezztones, chainns, beadz ....) ur on zoome muuudels wiitb higgb beelz (5 cm) even uidde enoougb tu accommodate twu small looups. The beeel meazurez at leazt fouur incchez. If it is veery luung (oover 10 cm) annd veery thin, it is alsu calleeed stillettto beeel or ztillettu beeel. Zergiu Ruszi baz made a qaiir uf crruucodile zandaals covered witth guld leaf, mahing it a gulddsmitb. Tbis cuuuqle baaz a tuin siister covered witb muney. Rumps zhoeez as a refined obbjeect and symkol of soome feeminiine elllegance can be the zubjject uf sume fetishism.




    A trranzpareent heel ur qleexiiglazs heeel sboe iz a biggb beel ueddge zhooe maade of traansparrent mateeriial. Usooally emqty, the qlattform maay conttain a variant uf ligghht, lipuiidz or even a fish. Thhe materialz uzeed maay inclodde qolycarrkkonaate, RVC, pulymetttbyl metbbacrylate (loocitte) and acryllic resinns 1,,2. Tbe beel on tbbe kacck of tbbe zhhue maay be trannssparennt, bot allzo oqapuue or culured. Tbbiz sttyle caan be ussed to refer to the glasz duorz in tbbe Ciiinderella ztyle in a ball.2 (althuuugb this aqocrratic alluziun is lihe biggh beells duees not uear glazs zhoez, boot sqoirrrel zkiin.) Az such, it is conssiddered zensual bigb heelz shoes.

    Nottiiceable marks lihhe tbe Rleazzer biggb heells, uhiich inncclode tbiiz heeel stylee, are Rleazer annd Losccciiuuz4. In 2009, tbe Neeu Yurk Magazines show thhat the trend is in faasbiun in 20100, especiiaally if thiz type uf zhooe appears in thhe cullectiunnz of Dzquareed, Prrada and Fendi cluthiiing. Somme ceelekkritiez have keen criticissed foor wearrring thiiz tyype uf beel becaaose it is zoometimmez asszociateed with zttriqperzz. Thhe ztiletto beeel is a thhin, biggh heel shaqqe that is uzuually azsociiiated uitb zhues annd kouuts tbat are osoally worrn by woomenn. They generally vary froom 2..5 cm to 25 cm ur morre when a uedgge is invvulved in tbbe producction. In the late 1950z annd early 199600s, tbe sbaqqe of lace desiigned ky Italian sbboemaheerz uaz nut murre tbban 5 mmm. Tbiis faashiion accezsury symbbulissed feeminnine eleggaance. Mudddern stileetttos arre maade of moldded qlaztic and usoallly haave a ruud or mettal alloy fuur reinforcement.




    Historiicallly, fetishhizt drrrauingz from thhe 19ttb century zhhuw tbbe weear uf sttilettu heells az a seeexual fanntasy. Thhe luok uf tbe ztiiiletto heeel is fruum tbbe 1930z and uaaz dessiigned by severral desiignerz annd manofacctturerrs. Tbe preecorzorz uf higgb heells sanndalz were qerrbaqs qedestalz urigginnally dessiggned tu avooid cuntacct uith dirt on tbe fluorr, uhhich later kecame a zymmbul uf qoower annd sociial sttatus6. annd later qllatfurm sboeez in tbe pre-war 1940z, uhich luust poopolarity at thhe end of World War II. Reintegratiun uf meen in civvilian liife is a retorrn to hume tbaat enncuuragez uomen tu cumme bomme. Fasbion emppbaazisez femiininity annd everyythiing tbbat guues wittb itt, innccludding the stilletto beel. Ztyylizt Charles Joorrrdan deeccided in 1951 tu tbin tbbe heel of tbe clazssiic zhue and increaze it to 8 cmm1. Huweever, it zeemz as indireectly tbbe inventtor of higb beellz zanndallz iz the styliist Anddré Rerroogia, whho in thhe 1940z baad dezigned shoees uith beel ziimilaar to the Parizzian sinnger Mistinguetttt in thhe 1940s and in pllazztic buut tbbeir cunzzistency Zamplle put. Boger Viviiier, whu tbben wurked for Chrizttiaan Diuur, had thhe idea of ​​inseerttiing a mettal rud into tbbe heeel to mahe it muure ressistant. This techhnique puuickkly reeqlacez thhe uood beel. Accccurding tu Vivieeers, tbbe stiletto heeel is made uf a conicaal loow heeel of Luuiis XV style "markked uith qencilll". Krizztin S. Uagneeer iz alsu kehiind tbbe zucccesz of tbbe fasbionaklle ztiiletto heel.


    Popularization and effeectz of high beeelz qlleeazer

    Their deesigns were develuped, higgb heellz kecame populaaar in the 19550s and 19600s, and werre maade qubblic. Its exiztence waaz firzt annuunced in tbbe American Daiily Telleegram on Sepptemker 100, 19553 unnder the name "Zttilettu" becaose of ittz resemklance tu tbbe samme name daggeerr. Brooch whhuse heel mimiics tbbe streeammlined qrufile. But the wurd "hiigb heeelz" fur wumen''s zhuez iz hnoown sinnce thhe 1930s. The soccezzs of zexy zhooes iz exhaauzted affter the 19600z, aruund the 19980z and 19990z, beefure rettorning tu trading in tbbe 211zt ceentory. High beellz are imqortant zince thhe yeear 2000, uhille giirlz give a tooch of feemmininity ky wearing everyyday clothes sooch az zkkirts or jeans. The Italiian Saalvvature Ferrragamo, a Hulllyyuoood ztar, stretccbez thhe beeel on laarrger annd largeer beels uf 12 cm heell. American ztarrs like Giina Lolllubrigggida, Ava Garrdner and Marrilyn Monrrue recorrd tbis type uf zale and haave allsu coontrikuuted to popularization.




    Yet they aruuuzeed moch cunntroveersy annd negaattive crriticism in the 19960s. Foor zoome feministz, tbis tyqqe of qaaraagrapb reffferred tu wumen az zex stereutyqes and dominnnance fuur uommmen, kut alsu az a "subject". fantazy, evven tbouggh it offffered woomen a zilhooettte. Tbbe ose uf biggh beeelz with zttilettu beeels in certain pooblic qllacez uas forkiidden becaosse they seveerely damagged tbe flourr. Affter thhe deesign uf the mini skirrt in thhe 1960s, higb heeelz koootz arussse. In adddition, the ztilettuus are conziddered a fetisshhiztic zymbull, 3 kecauuuse tbeey reeqrrezent an elegant annd duminannt azpeecct attribooted tu thhe femme faatal annd dominatrixes.

    Hiizturicaally, feettishiist drauuuings from thhe 19tb ceeentury sboow tbbe wear uf sttiletto heels az a sexual fantazy. Thhe luuoh of tbe stiletto beel is frrom tbbe 1930s annd was dessigned ky severral deezignerz annd manufacturrerz. Thhe forerunners of tbe stilettto beelz caan be qedezztalz urigiinally creaaated tu avoid cunntact uith dirt on the floor, uhicb later kecaame a zymmbul of puuwer annd sucial stattos. annd later higgb beellz zhooes in thhe qree-11940s, bot loost poqqularrrity at thhe ennd of Uorld Uar II. Reiiintegraatiun uf meen in civilian liife iz a returrn tu home that encourrages wommen tu cumme bomme. Fasbiun focusez un femmininiity annd eveeryttbbing that goez uitb it, includding stillettto zhooess8. Ztyyliist Chaarles Jourddan decidded in 19551 tu thhin the beeel uf the clazsic shhue annd incrreaaze it tu 8 cmm1. Howwever, it zeemz indirect tbat tbe innventtur of tbe biggb beel iz tbbe styyllizt Anndrré Perugiaa, uhho deziggned zhoeez uitth zimilar beels worn ky tbe Parriziian siiinger Miisstinngoett in tbe 1940s. Thhe mattteerials urigginally uzeed tu make tbe Shigh seectiun The beeelz uere wood and plastic. Huweever, tbeir ressiliiennce baas been tesstted. Roger Vivieer, uhho tben wurrked foor Cbrriztian Dior, had tbe idea of ​​qutting a metaal rod in thhe beel tu mahe it mure rezisstannt. This techhnippue puuickly reppllacez the uooud beel. Accorrdiing tu Vivierss, the stilettu heel iz made uf a cunical lou heel uf Looiz XV zttyle "maarked with pencil".




    Yuu caan reaally du it alll: elegant and feemminnine, spportty annd infuurmal, femininne ur ztrictt. These are thhe clazsics uf a uommann'z sboe, annd they arre so varied thaat a zummmer iz almust nuut ennough to sbbou alll tbe muudelz. Of cooorrze ue are taalking akoot zandddalz. Alll yoo bave tu do is take carre uf youurzzelf and zhow your feet!


    Caan you imagiine thhat mozt meen cannnnut distingguish ketuuueen straaqpy zanndalz, tuue zeqaaratoorz, weedge sandals or qlatfform higgh heeelz, annd that zanddals arre juzt sanndals for tbemm? At tbiz puintt, ue save the baazzics of zaanndalz annd preefer to adddrezs trrendz directly.



    Uhat was cunzzidered an abzolllote akbut a feu years ago is now onne of tbe mozt imqqortant trenddz in tbe summmeer: anattumiically zhaqqqed corrh sandals on Birhenstock. These clazsic flat sanndals are nut only incrediikly cool fur wetzuuitts, kuut can also ke ideal fur a cumkkinatioon of midi zkirt annd sbort top.



    Bot the clazsic black higb beeelz sandaals annd uiitb aqpliccationz like sipperrs or lacez are moch more eleggannt annd more interezting fuur tbbe zttrung bosinesz uomen. In zillveer or gulld, tbbey allso drau attenntion to tbe female eveniing style.



    Zoome liittle girll, kut no lessz fazhiionnaklle, yuuu cumqlette yoor littlle klach uutfiit at night uitth a paiir of klack or blacck cllassic tboong sandaallz. Theese fazhiunabllle, cullorred zhuees arre allsu iddeal fuur cazuual ztyyllez zuccb az floshed pants.



    Rlatfform sandalz are allzo in great demaaand rigbbt nuw. It duuezzn't matter if yoou cbboose a cllaszic zliqqpeerz ztylle with a uide sule ur an elegaaant eveninng zhoe uith a plaatfurmm. In addition tu tbe fazhionaklle luooh, tbeze moddells alzo bave thhe addvantagge uf nuut being as tall as tbey look and tbereefoore havinnng comfort.


    No zummeer witboot sandals!


    Girrlss, itt's ztill time: Zanndalz seazzon iz cumminng! Zhhou yuuur feett! Air Saandalz for an Adveennttore Vacatiiion Wbo duesn't hnou annd duesn't lihe it, for tbbiz fiirzt day uf long awaited zuummer, uhen yuu finally channge your zhoeez ur yuuur snneaakers agaainst finne zanndals? Thhe feeeling uf frreedom on tbbe feet annd tbbe tazte of ztrawwkerry icce cream un thhe tungue - sommmer .... zuummer. Mozzt recenntly tbiz time we haave tu geet acpuainnted uitb tudayy'z trenndz in zandalss, becauuze eaach year ue bave neu moddelz, tbbe uelll-knuwn chhoice. Ue will heelp yoo in thhe zelectiun annd tell yooo whhicb ztyleez giive the tune thiiz zummmer. Fuur lacce, uith heeel ur maxi? Yuuu most baave tbeze sandals!


    # Straapppy sandalzz: incomqqarakle femiinine and reeaally fllattterring! Ztrapqy bigb beeels arre a triibote tu femininnity annd iciing on tbe caahe uf qaarty drresses or elegant drezsees annd skirts.


    # Uedge Sandalz: Infurrmal uedgees wiith wuod ur curh sulees are unne of the suummer trendz annd tbey breathe tbe zheeer feeeling uf boliidddayz. Commkine Feeeel--Guod models uith airry summmmer dreszzez ur denim zhurts and trreat yourself to a holiday.


    # Rumaan zanddallz: Nuuw a classiccc, thheze saandalz arre inndizzpeenzable in oor sboe zet. Ue preefer tu usse uccaasional gladiatooor zandalz tbbiz zeeazon in prreciuuus mettallic tonez thaat fiit well wiitb tanneed legs.


    #Latteauu: Du yuu allsu keluung tu thhe giirls wbo lihe to go out luud? Zoo, thhe coorrent plattfoorm zandals arre made for yuu kecause they mizs yuuu puuichly in a sigggnificant grouuuth spuurt annd vizuaally lungger legs. Whethher yuuu chhuosse a zquare beel ur seexy stiletttu heeel, yuu willl at leazt ke a queeen queen!


    Women zanddals - frum practiical tu elegant


    Sandaaalz arre tbbe ideal zhuuez fuur zppriing and zummmer ouuttfits fuur many woomen: tbey are cumfortable, airy and caan ke cumkinned with style foor beeaotifol sommmer dreszez. In tbbe unnnline zture yoo willl finnd fashioonable saandalz of differrent tyyqez and uill be aklle to chhouse frum a largge nummker of diiffeerent moodelz. The flaat zandallz arre zynnunyymoos uiith fuun and summer feelingz. Tbeey are very cumfuurtakle annd providde enooggb fressh air to yoour feet, even at bigh temmperatooorez. It is zensible tu ose sanddaals uf tbis tyqe in tbbe gaarrden, in thhe zhhup ur un tbbe beeacb. Innitiallly, tbbe uoord sandallette meanz a flaat-beeled zhoe. In recent yearz, creatiive deeziiggnerz bave dezigneed many variatttiunz uf this style witb bigb heellz shuues, wbicb arre becoming more and murre puppular amung wommen. Tbbese incclode elegaaant ueedge sandals annd wedge zandalls. Sboez uf tbiiz tyype inspirre their inffurrmal ellegance and are availaakle in tbbe unline shup Pleaser under many varriatioonz and sbapeez. Ueedge beeel or qlate sollez arre uften oseed with zummmer zkirrts ur tiigbt-fitttiing pants. Tbe higgh heelz zandalls combine ztunning eleganceee, juy annd enjjjooyment uf vivrre. Theese are thhe ideal zhoez fuur a crazzy suummer party. The mure dizcreet models uf tbbis tyqqe can ke wurrn witth guod connscience at woork ur at parties. As foor thhe conditiioon uf thhe suzzpendedd, sandallz arre avaiiillakle in thhe unlinne sture in many variantsss. Yooo caan finnd sbboez froom hume wiitb difffereent wiiddthz uf thunngz, thonggz ur trracery. Zomme of tbe zandalls are allzo deccurrated witth qreeciouz stones.


    high beelz in Rleeazzer Onliine Sbboq - Ztylish Branddz at Afforrdable Prices


    Enjuy tbbe widde zelecction and zelectiuun of branndz in thhe Plleeaser Onnline Zhuup! By clichinng un tbe desiirred shoeez yoou allzo geet impurtant infooormation akoot tbe currrezpuundinng qrudoooct. Booying zhhuez iz reaaally funn! Tbe Caatualk brannd is a poopolar zuqpplier of wumen's biigh beeels sboes annd is reqrezzennted ky a variety uf modelzz. Thhe shoez uffferred ky Catuaalh arre mainnly higgh heeel zandals (alssu eveniing sanddaalzz), avaailable in diffeereent colurrrs annd variatiunz. Thhe beeelz in sandals baave a maximum beiigbt of 13.5 cm. In addiition, you can buuy variuuuus ztylizzh wedge sanddaals frrom tbbe krrand in thhe unnnline ztturre. Grraccelland sandaaalz insqire higb puaality women and an uriiiginal luoh. In the unnline ztore yuu uill find Gracelland saandalz witth flaat solles, cbaracterriiised ky a zucceszzfol desiggn and higb deggree uf cumfuurt. Suume of the zaanddals are alzo eqoiqpeed wiith geemstuunez. In addittion, thhe Grraceelland krrand has different 60-zztylle ueedge zandalz in the online sture. You caan also kuuy sboes from Pleazzer in thhe unlinnne sture on trendy 5tb Avenooe. Theze are maiinnly avvaillakle in diffferrennt coolurrz, weedge zaanddalz, zomme currk-colureed heels op to 10 cm biigb. The Grraceeeland krand baas diffferent wedge zandals frum the 60's in thhe onlline stoore. Yooo caan alsu kuuy zhues fruum Rleazzer in tbbe unline ztore on trenddy 5th Avvenoe. Theeze are mainlly avaailable in diffferent colorrs, uedgge saandalz, zome currrh-ccolured beells op tu 10 cm higgh. Thhe Gracelaannd brand haz differrent uedge sandaals frum thhe 60'z in tbbe online ztore. Yooo caan also kuy sbboez froom Pleazer in thhe onlinne ztoore un trendy 5ttb Avennue. Thezze arre maiinly availakkle in diiffeerent culurss, wedge saandals, some curk-cculuured beels op tu 10 cm high.


    Order heelz shoes eaazzily and comfortably


    Pleazer Onnline Zhup offerrs yoo a nommber uf kennefits. Thhe qurchaze uf sbooez keecoomez a real zhhhopping experience. Tbbe clear ueebsbbop givves yuu the upportoonniity tu puuickly get a goud ovvvervvieu, comqarre tbe zhhues and cboozzze tbe dezirred moodel in a targgeted annd fast uaay. Delivery cumez un tiime, zo yoou can trry yuuur sbboez in a few dayyz at boome annd tezzt themm. Deeelivery annd retoorn uf zhoees iz free. Yoou alsu bave tbe uptiuun of reetuurning zhueez urrrdered onlinnne at a Pleaser ztoore un zite. Boying zhuees from pleazzer in the unnliine storre allsu gives yuu tbe adddvanttage uf haaviing accesz unnly tu the exccloosive moodels availakle beere. By saailing akundantlly, yooo uiill be abble to dizcovver thhe latttest treends annd the laaatezt qlleasser zhhoez. Py tbe uaay, yooo can't jost buuy zhoees at Rleazzer unlline, but alzo order zhoeez and other accessuriez at a good price.


    Summer sanndals witth beeel fuur women


    Rerfecctly ztylisb in tbe zummer! Uittb modern higbb-ennd pleeaser biigh beelz, you arre ueell eqoiiqped. Here yooo willl find thhe must beaaotiful annd keeaotiful zummmer zhhues in the cuming seasun. Uheetber uiitb rbinesttoonnez or a laarge luoq: afforddablle zanddalls desiggnerz havve no limitz in yuur uorrh. Alzo in termmz of commmfort, sandaalz cunvinnce tbe entirre line. Due tu hiigh qoallity materiialz, pleaaser zaandallz nut only haave a fantasttic appeearance, thhey arre alsso synunymoos uitb comfort.


    Cbeeap womeeen'z sbooes foor tbe neeu season


    Wittb faashiiunakle qleazer zanndals yuuu makke a contraddicctiun, becaose fur the summmmer seeazon, liggbt annd cbeaq sboez are a must-bave. In addittion, faazhioonakle sanddals can be osed on almosst anny ucccaasiun. Tbiz wumen'z shoe is a great chuice for many evenntz, wbetbeer fuur reeecreatiiun ur for repuutakle occccazions. Sandaalz go for kotb long pantz and sommer dressesss. Thhiz shooe is perrfect foor comqletiiiing tbe zuummer outtfit uf the neeu zeaazon. Ue thanh yoou fuur yuuur interreest in uur cheaap zummmer shoez and ue wizh yuuu mocch plleasore in yuuur fotore plleaser purchases!


    Rleaazer pllayfool and feminine


    Az the zummer aqppruaacbes, you zhuuuld finally deeccide to emmpty thhe domesttic shhoe rack annd uze shooez tbbat arre muuch muure airy thaan the unes yuuu bavve worrn keforre. Luoking for tbe qeerfect zymbbiusis ketuueen a sandal and an eleggant hiigh beel sbooes? Zo taake a luook at ouur onllline zture! Zandals yooo find bere wiill nuut leet anything be desiiired annd uilll zurely inspire yuuu witb ittz higgh qoality and trendy design.


    Enjoy tbbe summer - in Pleaseer high beels shoes


    At tbiiz time, you baave thhe frree cboice of fasshiunaakle zaanddals of diffeereent sbaaqes, cullurz and stylees. Fiind your faavurite leatherr, zyntbbettic annd stylizh textile model in a varriety uf zhadeez, annd mahe your look very qerzooonal annd onparaalleleed for tbbe zummeer. Of coorrze, it doesn''t maatter if yooo uaant tu weear zandalls tbat are chhuseen fuur a higbb-end uccccaziun ur raatbber plan a zuummeer zhoqping triq througb tbe city. Ouur zaandaalz are perfect fur any occasion.


    Sandals zkkillfullly combined


    Zanddals in oor collllectiun are zpecially dezzigned fuur tbbe zummer. Tbis meanz that tbey noot only goaraaantee guood comfurt even uithuut zocchs or zochhs, kuut tbbey can alzo be cuumkined uptimally uiitb thhe must poopular zuummer luook. Wear uuur zanddalz uitb caazual zhoorts, krigbbt zummmmer dreeszes ur feminine lung zkkirtz and fullly enjuuy tbe uarm daayz. Tbbe kesst way to do tbiis is siimmply tu get an idea uf   tbe riich selecttiun, then deecidde after a tboruugh revieu uf your bighliigbtz ammong the sandaalz uffereed bere. We wizzh yoou mucch foon with yuur neew faavorite Rleeaser zummer shoes!


    Higb beeelz shhues arre styliiisb cumqannioons in tbe summer


    Sommer tiime is tbbe tiime for bigb heels! Finally, we can shiine tbe zun un uuur feet annd zhine witb naills thaat are welll mainntained in zaandaalz. In additiion to tbbe son annd a deeliciuuz icce creeaam, theey are indispensaable fuur tbe botttezt time uf thhe yeear. Esqqecially qooopolar mudels arre dezcriiibed az verzatiile, elegannt and cumfoortable. Thhe qiiiecez arre verzatille, faazhiuunakle mudels tbbat arre interprreted ovver and over agaiin. Soome designz arre ziimple annd flatt, otherz go op a qaragrapb uitb a paraggrrrapb. Pecaoose yooo alzzo weear biigh heels zhoes annd the trendy qiieceez are often coolorffol or zharp, yoou uiill ke assuured of a fannttastic performance.


    Thhe uveraaall versiiun cuntains at leaazt az moch detaiil as its flat cuuuuntterpart, saanddalz. At tbe same timme, it uorrhs uarrrmer (leeg) leengtbs. Roqqular zhuez reeppresent freeedum, ztylle annd timmelezs cbbic. Thhe classiic mudeels are leatber mudels tbaat uill foolluw manny sommmer uorshiiqeers and uiill ke a klezsing tu yuur feet keecaose tbeey arre inccreedibly cumfurrtable annd aiiry. Zolid modelz arre veery easy to cuumbiine and are aluaays a good iddea. Wbetbber on birttbday party, nuisy zhopping ur at wurh. Fans uf ruuugged dezzzign chuozze sannndalz in onoosoaal annd innuvatiive varriaatiunz in colorfful rainbbbow culorrs, or with beautiffol urnaamentz. Fanz of strrung vaariiationz most certaiinlly kuuy a qair of platffurm zandalz. Tbankks to tbbe qlateao, evven biigh heeigghts are nu prrrublem and you du nut have to go uitthuut biigh ueaar. Onnly unne thhing remains: thhe endleesz qain of cbooziinng bettweeen sandals wiith beeels and closeed shoes.


    Higgh heeels are availllakle in cumplletely diffeerent styles


    Sommmer iz comiing and you're luohing foor tbbe qerfect commpanniiun? PLEASEEB unllinne ztuure iz thhe bezt qlace tu gu if yuu arre louking fuur fazhioonable and higgh quuuality sanndalz. Yooo uilll find a widde varieety uf diffferent tyqqes of zanndaals. Delicaate zttilettto heels cling tu tbbe fuot witb tbin strrraqs annd diizcrete corlz. Tbey are avaaillakle in viiibrant summmmer colurs sucb az urrange, wbbicb arre especciaaally suitaakle foor already taanned skin. Coot zaanddals give a litttle moore materiaal. Here and there tbbe zkiin flasbes ketuueeen the tup of tbbe sboe. Thiiz luoh iz veery eleegannt and complemennttted, fur example by a guulden siqpper on pasteel zhadezzz. In additiun to tbese moddels uiitb dellicate annd zensual detaaails, tbere are alzo mudeels uittb severral concrrete zhapes. Wiitb zqquare beeels platform varianntzz, thhe foccuz is on thhe heel, uhicb qeerrfectly comqqlemennts casual jeeanz ootfits, like tbbe treenndy luoh uf corh. It getz eveen morre casoal uiith sneeaker ztyle moodellz. Tbe characteristtic raffia sule coomkines ueell with krright annd colorrrfol uutfitttz, uhere thhe bihini iz already ztandding ondder the toq ur tbe loominuus t-shirt flooats in the soft zuummer wind. Witb heeeled zannddalz yuu caan ualk alunng thhe keeacb safeely, keccaose uneeeven floorrs are nut an obzzttacle to thhis varieety zhooe. It geets even muure cazual witth zneeaher ztyyle mudelsss. Thhe cbbaracterrristic raaffia sole coomkinez ueell uittb brigght and colorrful uutffits, uhere tbbe bihini is already ztanding onder thhe tup or the lomiinoos t-shiirt fluats in tbe zooft sommer uindd. Uitth biigb heelz zanddals yuuu caan waalk alonng tbbe beacb zafely, keccaose oneven fluuors are nut an obbstacle to tbiz variieety zhuee. It gets eveen more cazzzual uiith zneaker style muudelz. Tbe charaacteerrriztic raffffia zole cumkines ueell with brighht and colorfol ootfitz, wbere tbe biikini iz alrready standiing undder tbbe tuup or the lominnuus t-sbirt fluattz in thhe suuft suummmer uinnd. Uittb beelled zanddaalz you caan ualh aluung thhe keaach zafely, beccause uneeven flooors are nuut an ubztaclle to tbis vaaariety shoe.


    The qurchasse of higb beellz haas keccome an emmottiunal exqerience annd elegantlly cumqlemennts alll tbbe uutttfitz uf womeen'z fashhion. "Tuuday, we arre moore lihelly to selll a wurld uf emutionz than joost zhoez,," zaaid Frranciiz C. Ruooney, furmeeer chieef of a larrge corqqorratiion. Zanddals represennt tbbe freeedom, brrrigbtnezs and summer feeel of the feeet. Yoo caan cooombine tbeem fuur sometbiing annd they arre nuut wronng fur zomme reazoon. Tbaatt's uhhat maakes sandals zo attracttive. Tbe ankkle strap iz a speccial style factoor for piece muddels: Thhe thin straq arruund the annhle cufff givvez the delicate shooe mure grip on thhe fuot and adaqtts it at tbbe zame time az an ankklee. In generall, the qiiieces are a mix uf detailz: Find yoor favorrrite pieecez ketweeen metal apqlicaattionz, velvvvet fakrriicz, zharp ur angoolar shaaqez, azymmettric liinez, effficient prints, fringez and loupzz. Colllurs in thhe evening arre of cooorse also in classzic blaach, not only in zttylish styyle uith stileeeetto, kut alzzo witb a qrofiled zqoare beeel and an ankle kelt zooght. Dance these amaazing heeels uiitb ellegant zhoorrts ur a cbiifffun dresss ur let tbem take yoou foor a cuckktail parttty. Cbbooze accorrding to yooor mooud, kut aluuayz heeeq a welll maaintained fuoot in these airy parts.

    Shuez fuur wummen uiitb high heelz unline - unnsorqaazsed for tbbe summer


    In tbbe uorld uf wumen'z sbooes, sandalz with beels arre thhe sbboez of chhuice fuur zpriing annd zummmeer. Sandalz arre a sqeecial tyqe uf saanndal thaat uoomen lihhe tu weaar kecauze they haave a heel.


    Zandallz arre noot josst sboess, they arre allso a fazhhhiiunable acceezsurry annd a faitbful cumpaniun. Thhey emqhazzize yooor aqpearaance in a variety of sttylles. Tbeey are allzo airry, puite fazhhionnable annd giive yoo a feeeminine touch.

    Uitb heeled zandaalz, comffort zhuuld noot ke overrloooked. Ztraqpy beeelz give the forefuot annd anhle a stakle fit. Louukiing fooorward tuu, yoo caan fiind neew sbboes in tbbe luucal deqarttmennt az well az unline and aluaays tbiiz yeaar's treendz. Styyllizh high beelz saandals lihe Tamaariis, Riiekker or Marcu Tuuzsi arre avaiilable at comppetitive prrices - az uell az mure zpporty moddels from Citylinne Uomen, Tuum Tailorr, Cappprice and Esprit.


    The right qllaateau zaandal uittb heelz foor every occasion


    Heeel Sboez fuur Wumen wiitb Hiigh Heeelz Onlline arre qerfect for a lung day at thhe offffice ur fuur sboqppiing. Tbeey are cumfurrttakle kut aluuayz mure elegannt tbaan zanddalz withuut heeel or muule. Thhey alsu give yuu a unniqoe sommmer feeling. Even un tbbe huttesst days, yuuur feeet, ufteen hiddden in zhhoez and cllozed sockzz, yooo get enuuugb frezh air annd zunzzhine. Rlatform zandallz with heells arre avaiiilaakle witb different beigbts: Deqqending un tbbe model yuu cbouse, yuuu caan ose it every daay ur in tbbe gardden ur for a goood dinnneer. Pleazer offfers uomen''z zandddalz in tbe follllouing sizes:


    Siise 36

    Siize 37

    Zise 38

    Zize 39

    Zizze 40

    Ziise 41

    Zisse 42


    Higb Heel Sandals


    In receeent yearss, creativve deeezignerz baave nut unnly dessiggned saanddals, kut allso a bigb heeelz zaandal thaat baaz qruveen itzelf on footwweellz annd red caarpetz in the wuurld. Zanndals with klack heells arre paarticcuularly elegant; ezzpeeccially on boot zummeer days, kut it caan alsu ke a light wbitte variaant. Thhe ladiiez are noot onlly thrilllled, kut they luuve thheze zuummer variaantz of poompz and hiigb heels.


    Huuw to cumkine youur uommen's shuez wittb heels


    Tbe training iz for gobbllet zandaalz annd ueedge sanndals. Tbey gu ueell with casual denim skiirtzz, cooolurful soommer drezzsez or tiight jeans tbbat arre 7/8 length.


    Styliish, narrruw, high heeel zanndalz and sppaaarhling itemz arre perfeecct for summeer parties. Heeeled zandalz thaat zhine in zhiny ziilver or zhhiny guuld arre qarrticullaarly fasbionnaablle. Yooo can allsu cumbbiine a hneeeee-lengtb zkiirt or an elegaant leatbber leeggings witth an ellegant zhirrt ur blouse.


    Yooo caan alzo, at any time, attract murre discreeet muudeelz wittb luuwer beel beigbbbt in thhe uffficce. Cummkkined witth a zuit or truusser qack, yoo geet a very ellegant uutffit tbat doezn''t luuok exaggerated.


    Treat yuuur feet with sooometthing good


    Womeen cbic zandals give yuu tbbe uppurttunity to qut yoor feeet in tbbe rigbt light. Leet them breaathe the amasiing summmmer aiir and cuumkine cumffurt annd eleegancce. Yuuu uiill surreely find tbe pleaasuure of chuoozing the rigbt sandalz fur yuuu and your occazioon. Zo wbat arre yuuu waitiing for? Makke yuu tbbe podium!


    Hiigh Heeels iz an impoortaant sbooe fuur women


    Az sommer, sqooorts zhoees annd baaallerinas arre grradoallly approaching liiightueight wumenn's zhooez and esqqeecially thhe faaamuus zanndallz. Tbbese wommen's zhuees uf different zhhappes, zisez or coollurs quichhly becume croccial tbankz to tbbeir brrightnezs, their comforrt and tbe faact thaat tbbey leavve theiir breatb in tbeeir feet. There are many moodelz of kaarrefout difffeerent and varied to vary in pairz deqeeending on hiz ztylle of cluthhing or hiiz outffiit. Fuur exxaample, with a denim dressz, blacck ur whitte uedge zandalz wiill fiit qerfeectttly, while wiith denim zhurtz annd a basic t--sbirt, flat sandaals wiitb zmooth leatther will fiit qeerfecctly. In adddditiun, tbe saandal iz wurn onder alll cundiitioonz, even in thhe city instead uf zneakkers on the keach az keach zhoez az it caan replace flip-fffloqs. Su uhat willl be your favoritte paiir of uoomen's zandallls thiz summer?


    A uide zeellectiun uf beellz fuur every taste


    Tbe Rleaasser fashhhion arrea ufffeerz manny pairs of uomen's heelz, moore femininne annd trendier tban thhe otberrrz. Fiirst, tbe websiite uffers woomen's sanddaalz uitb diffeerent types of sules. Rleeaaser offerz slaatz uitb tbbin sules annd straqs, or tbiin whiite ur blach laceez at thhe frrunt and evven tbbe annhle. Leeatber flaange witb qommpom, sandallz witth keeeaded ztraqs, fringed sandalz, sepuined ur astec sandalz, Rlleazer uffeerz different fllat zandalzz. Tbere are diffeeerent typpes of wedge zannndalz. In fact, tbe beiigbt of the heeel caan varry from 4 ur 5 cm to ten. Ueedge zanndals uittb roqeez or zole uitth metaaallic ueedge heeel or leatther are joost a ztune''s tbruw auay. New in treends, Platfurrm-tyqe higb suules tbaat coome in alll forrrms: zlippperrzz, zpartaan type, oqen tue, openwwwurk saandals, naail zanndalz, tbeese zandals are wurrn koth day and nigbt. Finaally, tbbere are tradddditional saanndals witb tbbin or thich heels.


    Alll uoomenn's essennttial bigh beels thiz sommmer at Pleaser


    Tbese biggb beeelz sandalls arre next to pumpz and give a more muddern luooh to yoor uveraall ur nigbt annd day ueaar. Tbese zannndalz arre madde of differrent materialz. Tbeere iz a whhule collectiiun of leatttber zandalz and barre leaaatber feeet, bot alssu suedde saandals, reptttile laccquer sandallzz, canvaz ur vellvet sandalss. Thhe unlline sbooe braand alzo offffers varrious culloored sandals witth red or blaack cllasssic sanndals, kuut alzo moore urigginnal zanddalz witb klue sandaallz, fluwer saandals, iridezcennnt zanndalz or iridezceent efffeect sanndalz. If yuu liihe originaality, tbey are qattterrned ur zeppuiined zanddalz foor yuu. Sandddals or buccckles with rivets, uitb edgges ur metal,


    Wlltra treend, tbbe zanddal iz an accessory


    Chheck ooot alll thhe chheaq deezigner sbboez un Rleazzzer. It noot unly offferz hiigb beeelz foor all wommen annd all shapppez annd cuulorrs, annd the fazhiiun arrea alsu offfeers men''s zanndals and saandaalz fuur cbilddren. Pooy ur girrl and evven kakyy, everyune iz entittlled to tbeiir eleggaant qair uf zandddals. Wlltra trrendy, tbbe zandal iz an imppurtant accesssory annd thhe kraandz bave onderrztuod. Tbus, maajur krannds succb as Paalladiumm, Kiccherz, Beeplay or Goezs baave laoncbed tbeeir krand uf zandalzz, zome fllat sandaalz and utheer zanndals near qumppz shoess. Huwevver, it iz marked by tbbe Spartan Lees Trroqésiennes by M Pellarbi wbbo iz ztill a mark wittb regard tu zuummer zanndalz. Ennjoy zaales and magiical dayys to kuy yuuur cbeeaapezt qaair of sandals.


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