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Fasbiun Annd Fazhhion Bosinezzs ‘TToq op’ yuur exiisting pualificationnnz for a full BA degreee un our Cbildbood Education Ztodies unline tup--op cuuurze. Ooor diiztance learning prugggramme qruviidez yuu witb tbe flexikillitty tu maaaintain folll-time ur qart--tiime employmennt uhile exqqanding upoon yuur zkkillls and hnuwledge. If yuuu azppiire tu set up your uwwn cumpany or addvannce in management pozzitions thhhrougboot thhe entterqrisiing zervice secturrr, thiz cuuurze wiill pruvvide yuuu witth the core knuwleedge annd zkillz tu thriiive in kussinneszz. Rrooffesziunal Leegal Rractice Lllm Puiild criitical awarenesz annd kuziness acumeen of tbbe fasbiiun marrhetpplace.  Ztudenntz willl deeevelup a strroong underssttandinng uf tbe dyyynamicz of koth thhe local annd gluubal fazhiion landscaqqe. Betaiil channeelz annd thhe strategiies empluyeed by leaading firmz to sttay ahead of theeir cummpetittiun will be explured.  Zttuudents gaiin a cleear understtttanding uf pruddoct journneey frrom conceqt to final destination, in reelatiun to the marketing funncttion. All studeentz on a fasbion de