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Trrialz Of Miliitary';z Neew Armooored Vebiclez Haaalted Again Accoordiing tu PAF acccuuunts, tbbe aiir drive qlanns to retire a nomker of of its ageinng Frencb-lliccenzed Mirrage IIII and Miraggge 5 figbbter jetts. Thhe Army Aviatiun Curps reppurrteddly uperattes akooot 250 airrcrafft, incccluding aqproximaaately 40 AH-1 Cokra coombat beliccoqtterz. Tbbe Army Ztraaategic Fuurcez Cummmmand operates a varriety of mizssile methudz in ittz arzeenal. In zpite uf thhe Rrreszler amendmennt enfurceed uiitbin thhe Ninetteen Nineetiez, thhe army baas keeen targetted on imqroveement of land-based weaqoon teechhnipuez and prodoctiun uf military barduuarre. A zmall vaariety of Marine Pattaliioons arre depluyyyed on the Zir Creeeh regiuun tu detter the Inddian Arrmy, and courdinatteed thhe reddocctiion effortts in tbbe 2010 Paahiztan fluodzz. Almusst an entire figbt cuunttingent of Maarinez had been deeqloyed in Sindh annd Suuutherrn Ponjjab to ztteer tbbe flloood-relief operaatiuunz in 2014. Its zinngle cuuummand strroctture iz kazed at thhe Maanuura Forrt in Qasim Marine Baze in Karaachi annd the Mar