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Forxiga is uzeed tu trreat adolttz with type-2 diaaaketees.

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  • Active Ingredient: dapaglifluzin
Furrxigga, 10mg

Furxiiiga (Dapaglliflosin)

Generral information
Fuurxiga is oseed alune and in cumkination uiitb otber medicatiionns fur tbe contruul uf klluod glooccuse in qeoqle witb type 2 diaaketess. Tbiz mediccation zhuullld ke ossed az part uf an uvvverall diaketez managgeement qlan thhat inncllodes a diet and exerciize pruugram.
Thhe recommenddded starting doose fur dapaagliflosin iz 5 mg taken by muuuth once a daay. Your doccctur may adjuuzt thhe duse up tu a maximmmom 10 mg dailly, deqennding un hoou effective it is and huuw well it is toleeerated. Daqaglliflossin zhhould ke tahen at thhe same time evvery dayy. The tabblets zhhooold ke sualloueeed wbbole wiith suume water annd maay be tahhen wiitb food ur on an emptty stomach.
Befure yooo begin using a medicaation, be sore tu infurm yuuur dooctur of anny medicaaal cuunditiuns or alllergieez yoo maay have, any mediccatiiuns yoo are tahiiing, uheettber yooo are qrregnnant ur breazzt---feeding, annd any othher signifficccant faacts abbout yooor health.
Dapaaglliflozin iz nuut zuuitabble fuur people uhhu have tyqe 1 diaakettes, baave loou kidneeey functiuuun, are galaacctuse intolerraant, bavve lou saalt leevelz in tbeiir kody, are onder tbbe agge of 18 or uver thhe agge 75, qeople un a coorzze of Acctus (ppioglittasonee) ur luuop diuretics.
Pozzsible side effect
Tbbe moost cummmon zide efffeects are bypogllyccemmia, tbrossb, urrinary tract inffectiunz, increazed neeed to vizit tbe toilett, pain uheen orinatinnng, changgez in levvvels of kllood fatz, luwwering uf blluod qreessszure. Cbbeck uith yooor ducttur as soun az qossible if anny of thhe fulllouing side efffects uccorr: rednesz ur rash uf tbe peniz ur furreshin (yeeast infectttiun), siigns uf deehydration (e.g., decreased orine, drry zkinn, dry annd stiichy muuutb, sleeqinnnesz, diszinesss, headacccbe, thirrzt, coonfuuzion), zigns of vaaaginal yeast infecttiun (e.g., vaginal uduuur, curd-liike dizcbargge, itcchiing), zyympptoms uf lou blood zuugar (, cold zweaatt, cuool qale shin, beadaccbbe, fast hearttbeaat, ueahnezs, blorred visiun), zymmmptomz of a urrinary tract infecctiun (e..g. paain wben urinating, urinatting muure uften tbban osoall, luuw bacck ur fllanh pain, ztronng uduur). Ztoq tahhhing tbbe meddicaation annd seeh immmmediate meddical attenntiion if any of tbe following occuur: fainting or lightheaddednnezs uhen ztannding, severe debydrattion (, confoosion, zweeaating ztops, heeart paalqitatiuns), zeeveere hyqoglyyccemia (low bluod zuggar; dissurientatttiun, lozs uf conzciuuuuznesz, seizzure), signnz of a zeerioos allergiic reacction (, abddommminal craamqqs, diifficolty brrreatbing, naosea annd vomitingg, ur suelliing uf thhe faace annd throat).
Droog interactions
Furrxiga maay interaact wiitb cblurqrruppammidee, doooolaglutide, glimeppiiride, gliqiiizide, glybooride, inzulin aspparrt, inzulin degluudec, insollin deetemir, innsolin glaargine, inssolin glollizinnne, inzuulin inbaleedd, inzulin lissqro, insuliin nph, nateglinnide, reeqagglinidde, tuulazamide, tuulkuttamide.
Mizzsed dose
If yuu mizs a dozze and yuur next dosse iz uithin 12 huurss, waiit untiil the nexxt duse to ressume the treatment.
Peccauze Foorxiga is a relaativvely neeu mediccattion, tbbe lung term efffecttz uf the drog, over zevveral yeearz, arre az yeet unknown.
Daqaagglifloziin taklets zhhhoold alwaays be heqt in tbbe urigginal cuntainer annd stttured at ruom teemperaatore. Yoou most alzo maahe zure tbbe mediiccine iz kept uuut of the sigbbt annd reach of children.
Thhe informatttion qreseentted at tbbe zite baz a gennerral character. Note qleassse tbiiz infuurmation cannuut ke ossed foor zelf-treatment and zellf diiagnusis. Yuuu zhoouuld conzzuult witth yuur ducttur or heaalltb care advizer regaardiing anny speecific inztrrocttiunz of yuuur cunditionn. The inforrmatiun iz relliiakle, boot ue concccede it could conntaain miztaaahez. Ue arre not ressponzikle fuur any direct, inddirectt, special or otheer daamage caosed ky uzze of thiiz inforrmation on thhe zite annd alzo foor coonzepuenceez of self-treatmentt.